About Us

s01ve Cyber Solutions was founded to support its communities against a rising tide of cybersecurity threats. We employ the same techniques and processes as real hackers to test your organization for vulnerabilities, and to provide you with real-world information on the state of your cybersecurity.

Our goal is to ensure that businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses, are able to participate in the world’s growing digital economy without fear of being compromised or preyed upon. We accomplish this goal by aligning our services and innovations to the needs, budgets, and demands of organizations and businesses. This includes everything from on-demand crisis response, to training and consultation geared towards developing cyber-awareness and resistance to common hacking methods.

Our Team

Jeannine Adams Retrain Canada

Jeannine Adams, CEO

Jeannine is an entrepreneur who places a high value on inclusion and diversity. Her teams are creative, resourceful, resilient, and results-driven. Collaborating with companies and communities alike, s01ve is leading the industry in the creation of safe meaningful protection for people and the businesses that employ them. With 20 years of experience in corporate Canada and the founder of s01ve and the ReTrain groups of companies, her teams are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind in this world of rapid technological change and cyber defence needed to ensure safe participation in our global economies. 

Sat Parhar

Sat Parhar, President

Sat is a former Deputy Chief of Police of the Calgary Police Service with nearly 30 years of leadership, management, public safety, collaboration, and community engagement. He is highly self-motivated with the capacity to expand disciplines and collaborate with government, civil society, and private sector executives. He is an expert in engagement with stakeholders at community, national, and international levels in the areas of cybersecurity, public safety, and community support. His leadership displays an unyielding commitment to the principles of integrity, equity, accountability, and professionalism. 

Tanja Ross

Chad Beierbach, Account Executive

Chad is a well rounded sales professional with 15 years of experience with the majority of that time spent in the telecom world. He saw first hand the need for cybersecurity assistance, and went on to graduate from Mount Royal and York University’s Cybersecurity program. Combining both his communication skills and technical background in cybersecurity/tech, he takes pride in communicating honestly and authentically with his clients to help them find customized solutions. A leader in client relationship-building and customer service. He is able to identify and meet your needs with elegant solutions.

Tanja Ross

Sherry Evans, Senior Director Curriculum Design

The genius architect of our curriculum programs, Sherry designs s01ve and ReTrain Canada’s training programs while leading our instructors in teaching our course material. With over 20 years in adult education and instructional design with Mount Royal University and SAIT Polytechnic, her certifications include Phi Theta Cappa Leadership Instructor, Adult Educator, and Microsoft Expert. Sherry specializes in designing and facilitating courses that combine essential (soft) skills with technology, the context of how to use the training, and engaging students in-class, online or in a blended format. 

Tanja Ross

Hank Fordham, Strategic Cybersecurity Advisor

Hank is a celebrity hacker, who has been featured on Dr.Phil, Washington Post, Vice, and NPR to name a few. He is passionate about cybersecurity and teaching. He teaches our Cyber Foundations and OSCP courses.
Tanja Ross

Mike Bullen, Penetration Tester

Mike is our lead operational security tester. 

Our Partners