Conversations With a Hacker

1 : What Is Hacking?

a. How do hackers gain access to your information?

i. Social Engineering (phishing emails, USB drives)

ii. Physical Security (theft, unattended devices)

iii. WiFi (MITM, lifted passwords

iv. Poor Passwords (credential stuffing, brute force)

2 : Passwords

a. What constitutes a good password?

b. How are passwords obtained and traded?

c. Password Managers (Lastpass, Dashlane)

d. Email Do’s and Don’ts

3 : How to recognize possible threats

a. Phishing emails

b. Link shims

c. Unusual requests, promises, etc.

d. Online rules to follow CLIC (Concentrate, Look, Inspect, Connect)

4 : Help yourself

a. What’s in the news?

b. What sites give good information?

Hank Fordham

A celebrity ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert, Hank Fordham has an established history in the cybersecurity industry. Skilled in Data Analysis, Penetration Testing, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Computer Hardware/Software, Hank is known for his commitment as a cybersecurity educator. His current areas of study include Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Neurorobotic, Biohacking, and more. Hank has been a featured guest on Dr. Phil, VICE, NPR, and Inside Edition, as well as many others. He is now employed with s01ve Cyber Solutions as a penetration tester and cybersecurity consultant, and with ReTrain Canada as a cybersecurity mentor.

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