Social Engineering

Phishing Campaigns

Build your organization’s resistance to social engineering through our phishing campaigns. Our ethical hackers will employ intelligence-gathering and real-world manipulation techniques to try and compel your staff to do certain tasks. Our team will then compile metrics, such as clickthrough percentages, credentials entered, and IT reporting, to measure the progression of awareness and vulnerabilities your organization is demonstrating.

Credentials Assessment

User credentials are the first line of defence against hacking, and they must be as strong as possible to deter attacks of convenience. Let our team guide you in setting up strong credential rules and policies, to ensure that everyone in your organization has strong usernames, passwords, and additional authentication measures.

Process Hacking

Business processes are also vulnerable to hacking and are often not thought of when considering cybersecurity. Regular routines, new software, and shortcuts for convenience might speed up day-to-day business, but may also open doors for malicious actors to enter.

Our team of senior ethical hackers will assess and make recommendations on how to protect your organization from this growing intrusion risk.

New procedures and technology can increase risks of exposure, if not initially assessed and routinely reviewed.

Process Hacking Services Include:

  • On-site evaluation
  • Best practices development
  • Business process analysis
  • Cyber training
  • Incident response
  • Executive protection